Le mépris (French)

Le mépris (French)

Le mépris (French)

Paul Javal is a writer who is hired to make a script for a new movie about Ulysses more commercial, which is to be directed by Fritz Lang and produced by Jeremy Prokosch. But because he let his wife Camille drive with Prokosch and he is late, she believes, he uses her as a sort of present for Prokosch to get get a better payment. So the relationship ends.

Plot Summary by: Stephan Eichenberg
  • IMDB: Le mépris (French)
  • Year: 1963
  • Genres: Drama
  • Director: Jean-Luc Godard
  • Stars: Brigitte Bardot, Jack Palance, Michel Piccoli
  • Poster Dimensions: 2523 × 3543 px
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