Jour de fête (French)

Jour de fête (French)

Jour de fête (French)

Once a year the fair comes for one day to the little town 'Sainte-Severe-sur-Indre'. All inhabiters are scoffing at Francois, the postman, what he seems not to recognize. The rising of the flagstaff under his direction nearly leads into a catastrophy - but everybody tells him, how important his work is. Sneering up Francois continues in the evening of the festive day. Made drunk, some 'friends' persuade him to watch a short-movie in a tent. This film is a stunt-show, covered as 'The modern delivery-techniques of the US-post. Francois takes it serious, not recognizing being teased. Next day, after getting sober in a goods wagon, he reorganizes his own delivery-methods. He has not the equipment, as his ideals in the short-movie have, but using only his bicycle, he makes good, funny progresses.

Plot Summary by: Christian Wenger
  • IMDB: Jour de fête (French)
  • Year: 1949
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Director: Jacques Tati
  • Stars: acques Tati, Guy Decomble, Paul Frankeur
  • Poster Dimensions: 2676 × 4000 px
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